Monday, August 9, 2010

About Pilates

At we aim to EDUCATE minds to STRENGTHEN bodies.

Pilates is a series of exercises designed to bring the mind and body in harmony. Joseph Pilates developed this unique form of training in the early 1920s.


• Build a strong core (flat tummy)

• Improve posture

• Elongate & tone muscle

• Stress Relief

• Injury prevention

• Improve breathing patterns

• Enhance co-ordination skills and balance


At we strongly recommend you participate in an introductory private class, before joining a group class. This will give you the fundamental skills needed to perform the series of Pilate’s exercises. You will be one on one with your instructor. She/He will focus on the principals of core engagement and shoulder stabilization along with your personal goals.


This 1 hour/45min class works on a one to one basis. The benefit of a private class is YOU gain all the RESULTS YOU WANT. The instructor will design a balanced programme for YOUR body. This will involve both mat and equipment based exercises.


A group class is made up of 5 people. We pride ourselves on small specific classes, allowing us to give expertise training to EACH person in the class. We can communicate and educate with ALL our members on a personal level.

This course runs for 10 weeks (see class timetable for dates) or contact us to arrange a class time that suits you!

Our Group Reformer courses are available with max of two people. This course runs for 10 weeks (see class timetable) or contact us to arrange a class time that suits you!


• Matwork

This is Pilates exercises performed on a mat. We cater for one to one private classes as well as group classes. See Pilates timetable for times, days & costs below.

• Reformer ( Practised by Madonna, Jennifer Aniston & Gwyneth Pathrow )

The Pilates Reformer is a machine, using springs and straps to add resistance to all exercises. This increases the impact of the exercise and creates a more intense workout.

The Pilates Reformer is especially helpful for first-time Pilates users because the machine supports your movements and body weight throughout while the springs create challenge allowing you to reap the benefits of a all over toned body. Group courses of two people and individual sessions are available at

• Pre /Post natal Pilates

During this exciting time a regular supervised exercise programme is hugely beneficial to the new mum to be. There are constant changes happening through-out your body during each trimester. We focus on teaching you how to exercise safely, improve posture and breathing during your pregnancy.

Mens core conditioning

At we also run Men only Pilates classes. This allows us to create a workout specific to the needs of the male anatomy. Many footballers & rugby players attend these courses. See timetable below for class dates & times